Book report by Alice Fingleton
8th Grade
Mrs. Hawthorne


Main Characters


17-year-old German girl who used to live in Iowa but then was brought to crystal city because her father was involved in fraternize with the Nazis.


17-year-old Japanese girl who used to live in Colorado but was sent to the camp with her family, because of her race. Her brother went to war, so it is just Haruko and her parents.

Images from Texas's Crystal City Internment Camp in the 1940s

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Haruko and Margot became friends in the beginning when a dust storm started and Haruko didn’t know where to go so Margot brought her to an ice box. Ever science then they became best friends and met up in the ice box almost every day. 


Haruko and Margot were friends, but their races were enemies. So, they would share secrets with each other that would put their families and personal safety in danger if anyone found out. 


Margot’s mom has always had problems with getting pregnant and Haruko’s mom is the doctor. After she had finally gotten pregnant, Margot’s mom had been abused by her dad, and then that lead to another miscarriage. 

Family Conflict

Margot’s dad had walked into a swimming area full of people holding a Nazi flag and playing their anthem when they were supposed to be going against them. After that happened Haruko family wouldn’t let Margot over because of the way her father acted. 


At the end of the book Haruko found out her family was going to move her to Japan with her grandparents. Margot didn’t know and her parents were sending her to work for a woman out of the camp. They got in a fight and then it was time for Haruko to leave. Margot was left with the note Haruko’s brother said to give her when she left. They never talked again.